Terms & condition (v5.0)

1. Purpose

These terms and conditions govern the sale of e-Visas.

Our website is not an official website of the immigration services, we are a private agency, without any link with the governmental authorities, our activity is to take care of the electronic visa applications. Our mission is to control the information of the visa applicants, send them to the immigration services and to ensure the interface so that the electronic visa applications are accepted and delivered as soon as possible. The price charged for an e-visa is dependent on government requirements and is indicated at the end of the order, this one-time fee includes all government taxes, all our processing fees and e-visa storage fees.

As part of these services, customers have access to a 24/7 hotline from 8:30am to 9:30pm to assist them in all aspects of obtaining an eVisa.

In case of loss, customers can request, at any time, by phone or by email that a copy of their e-Visa be sent to them.

Any use of the website implies full knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, and commits the customer to abide by their terms and conditions.

2. Price

When ordering, the price of the electronic Visa ordered is indicated including all taxes.

The company reserves the right to change the price of a Visa at any time. Orders will be invoiced on the basis of the price list in effect at the time the order is confirmed.

3. Payment

Payment for e-Visas is made online, when ordering, by valid credit card.

The transaction is debited at the time of validation of the order.

The customer recognizes that the communication of information relating to his bank card is worth authorization of debit of his bank account to the profit of our company for the totality of the order.

The electronic Visa will not be delivered, in case of opposition to the payment, by the bank card used.

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, the customer has the legal right of withdrawal, to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify his reasons, or pay penalties.

However, in accordance with the same provisions of the Code of Consumption, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the provision of intangible services that are fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution has begun, after prior express agreement of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal.

The user will be deemed to have agreed to receive the electronic Visa before the end of his withdrawal period, once he has validated his order, he irrevocably waives his withdrawal period.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the user definitively renounces his 14-day withdrawal period. In case of 'express' withdrawal before processing the request, the order will be fully refunded. The 'express' withdrawal must be made to the customer service by phone, chat or e-mail.

5. Contractual commitment

In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on the conclusion of online contracts, the contract is concluded at the moment the user validates and confirms his order on the website.

The details of the entire order are shown on the payment validation screen and the user can, at any time, correct his order before validating the payment.

The contracts concluded on the website (data relating to the Orders and General Terms of Sale in force on the day of the order) are archived for 5 years.

Any client can access his or her archived contract by sending a request by e-mail to the customer service address.

6. Responsibility

The services offered are intended to assist you in all your administrative procedures in accordance with the legislation in force in the country for which the electronic visa is set up. We cannot be held responsible for the customer's failure to comply with the legislation of the country visited.

We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage related to the use of the Internet network, in particular a break in service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

7. Declaration of the Applicant

All information provided by the applicant in the e-Visa application is in compliance with foreign immigration and refugee protection laws. All information may be provided to any federal agency in charge of immigration control in a foreign country, upon request, in accordance with the paragraphs of the laws on the protection of personal information.

The applicant declares that he/she has read and understood all the terms of this paragraph and declares on his/her honor that all the information provided at the time of his/her order is sincere and true.

Any false declaration constitutes a violation of the immigration laws and may lead to a ban on entering the country.

8. Customs Control - Right of Entry

An electronic visa validated by the government gives the possibility to enter the foreign country. However, Customs, Immigration and Border Protection may make a contradictory decision when checking the documents at the border crossing, and invalidate an e-Visa previously issued by the government.

9. Refund Conditions

All e-visa applications are processed immediately upon validation of payment in order to expedite the receipt of travel visas.

Therefore, it is not possible to refund an application once it has been received and processed by our production department.

The application fee is not refundable. If an electronic visa exists or is discovered in duplicate (application prior to purchase on our platform), it will not be possible to refund it.

Only unprocessed applications (incomplete files) or ineligible customers detected by our customer service will be refunded, except for a 40 £ handling fee and start of processing.

In case of refusal of the e-Visa by the government services of the destination country, for whatever reason, no refund will be granted.

The express acceptance of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale before payment, the approval of all the information given on the forms of our site constitute a waiver of the rights to a refund and retraction as soon as the payment phase is validated.

If a significant error is made in your initial application, we will resubmit the application on your behalf at no additional cost, but no refund will be issued.

10. Personal Information

We collect personal information and data about all our customers. This information is necessary to process orders and to improve the services and information sent to customers.

It may also be transmitted to companies and administrations that contribute to these relations, such as those responsible for the execution of services and orders for their management, execution, processing and payment.

This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

In accordance with the law, all customers have the right to access, rectify and object to personal information and data concerning them, via our consumer service.

11. Applicable law

By express agreement between the parties, the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by and subject to French law.

12. Litigation

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, the parties will have the possibility of resorting to a mediation or conciliation procedure as provided for by the Code of Civil Procedure.